Enjoy the juicy meat in half-rare hamburger carefully roasted by charcoal grill in Egota with five senses.

江古田のハンバーガーさとうの写真 食レポ!

Hello, I’m Lagman.

Occasionally, there is a time I really eat a hamburger. Now a days, there are a lot of restaurants which offer hamburger in Tokyo, so I was wondering where to go. In this time, I’m going to write about half-rare hamburger set at “Niku to yasai to natural wine Sato as my recommendation.



Let’s go to eat half-rate hamburger set!

The restaurant location is Seibu ikebukuro line Egota station 3 mins on foot from north exit. The restaurant signboard is small, so if you go there at first time, you might pass by in front of the restaurant. So I’ll paste the map of the restaurant at the end.

The appearance of the restaurant looks like that. The lunch menu was written on the blackboard.



I was on my mind about steak set by roasted charcoal grill 1,800 yen, but I’ll bet half-rare hamburger set 900 yen. These are available to take away. All meat seemed to be “Kadosakigyu” from Iwate prefecture which is the same as the popular yakiniku restaurant “Kakunoshi”. My expectation goes up!



I went to the restaurant at lunch time Saturday, but the restaurant was full, so I just ordered and waited.

After a while, a couple of customers were billed, then fortunately I sat at the table without waiting so long.

It seemed that the only owner operated and cooked by himself and carefully roast food by charcoal grill after order.

It was coming. The hamburger and organic vegetables such as lettuce, sweat potatoes, cucumbers, paprika asparagus and bitter gourds on the plate.



Usually, vegetables like lettuce, tomato and avocado are in a hamburger, however, as you can see, the only meat is in bans and vegetables are separated.



Which means it’s a message that you can enjoy the taste of meat! My expectation goes up more and more. I bit the hamburger with wrapping hamburger bag made of a paper.

I was surprised to eat a bite. The meat soaked spices was really delicious with coming out smoky scent. I though it was…really delicious. The taste is influenced by sense of smell isn’t it? It seemed that there is a treatise that 95% is the sense of smell and 5% is the sense of taste in terms of neurophysiology. In an easy to understand example, if you catch a cold, you won’t understand the taste. I could experience for myself the smell is a very important factor for cuisine at this lunch. This smoky scent, the texture of half rare meat and taste of meat. I was overwhelmed by these calculated combination. I focused on biting and biting while tasting the hamburger. Once again, the important thing is that the meat was wonderful with good spices, smoky scent by charcoal grill and good grilled. The hamburger is the correct answer that there are only meat and bans.


The main is meat? The organic vegetables are also amazing.

After completing to eat the hamburger and a while, I started eating hot salad, these vegetables’ taste were rich and delicious with great balanced dressing.I wondered I wanted to bought this dressing to use in my home. I thought I didn’t know the vegetables’ taste were rich and there is a big difference between this and vegetables I ate usually. Potatoes are delicious. Bitter gourds are delicious. Asparagus is delicious. I was able to taste flavor of vegetables with biting and biting. I enjoyed meat with the hamburger and vegetables with the salad.

As you can see, it’s finished in no time.



I really enjoyed and was satisfied very much this set. I recommend to eat this.



    •  Niku to yasai to natural wine Sato(肉と野菜とナチュラルワイン さとう)
    • Lunch time: 11:30 ~ 16:00 (At the time of 2019)
    • Access
      • Seibu Ikebukuro lin Egota 5 mins on foot.
      • Seibu Yurakucho line Shinsakura-dai 7 mins on foot.
    • The map
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