Review restaurant a large portion of seafood bowl in Yabashira in Matsudo!

大黒スペシャル海鮮丼の盛り盛りな写真 食レポ!

One day, when I wanted to eat seafood, I found the restaurant which offers Kaisendon(seafood bowl) for under 1,000 Japanese yen at lunch. It’s not just under 1,000 yen, but less than 900 yen. It was actually 880 yen. Seriously??! Moreover, I got the information that it is a large portion.

The restaurant name is Daikoku which is the Taishukappou. Kappou means traditional Japanese food and Taishu means more casual. I expected value goes up. The restaurant is located near JR line Shinyabashira station and Shinkeisei line Yabashira station. I directed to Yabashira by bicycle.

The sign of the restaurant. It was really 880 yen and it said rice and miso soup are free refill and a large portion of rice serving.

大衆割烹 大黒の看板の写真

We arrived at the restaurant at fifteen past thirteen. I ordered a large portion of Daikoku special seafood bowl after wondering what I ordered .

Waiting while drinking a cup of hot tea, after a while, it came!



It was great wasn’t it? Of course, I ordered a large serving, so there was a large amount of rice underneath, however, I thought the amount of seafood is also amazing.

There were seafood bowl, salad, pickles and miso soup. That was 880yen. How wonderful!!



The seafood were fresh and delicious. And vinegar rice was good adjustment which my favorite taste.  Also, miso soup was very tasty, too because it had a great dashi stock from fish like Arajiru which is seafood soup. Since I ordered a large portion of rice, rice didn’t reduce easily. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so that I was able to eat all of them, but if I had breakfast, I was not sure I could finish it. I wondered I would order normal portion next time. As a result, I was very happy to have good quality seafood bowl at a reasonable price.

I thought I would like to go to the restaurant at night.


大衆割烹 大黒 八柱店

  • 場所:
    • JR Shinyabashira、Shinkeisei line Yabashira 4 mins on foot
    • Business days: Tuesday to Sunday
    • Holiday: Monday
    • Opening hours:
      • Tuesday to Saturady
        • 11:00~13:30
        • 17:00~22:30
      • Sunday
          • 11:00~13:30
          • 17:00~21:00


After having lunch, we went to 21 Seiki no mori to hiroba near the restaurant. We enjoyed to see nemophila in full bloom.




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